B1G MARKETING was established in 2006, as a textile and garment printing company. B1G now produces garment prints directly from its facility, and manufactures garments for commercial, institutional and government customers. The founder and current owner of the company has owned and operated a factory with 60 units of sewing machines.
B1G also provides our customers with a complete line of services from printing textile and garments. From graphic artwork designers, to the final artwork approval, color separation and making silk screen printing, to developing the printing screen and color mixing, B1G does all of these in house.
B1G MARKETING started as vertical production of garments from textile to finished uniforms and garments in August 2007. From its compact production facility, B1G did its own cutting of fabric and sewing of garments. B1G now jobs out sewing work and presently has four factories that compliment production of its order.
With B1G's ongoing growth and expansion of freelance network marketers/distributors, B1G has gained more exposure to potential commercial and institutional customers and has made many contacts with large corporations in providing company uniforms, giveaways and promotional items. B1G also has the experience in outsourcing China made products to cater to our customer's large volume demands.
INNER HARBOR and MIZMO is the two clotheslines under the B1G compay and is supplied to provincial PRIMARY AND SECONDARY DEPARTMENT STORES. In 2008, B1G initiated in selling PROMOTIONAL ITEMS such as umbrellas, caps, and mugs, pen, rubber baller bands, Id lace, and much more to supply its market penetration on its CORPORATE GIVEAWAY needs.
B1G Marketing saw the need of corporate social responsibility in providing top quality and affordable medicine to their members. In 2010, B1G Rx and B1G CAPSULIT came to be. B1G partners only with top pharmaceuticals and medical companies that uphold GMP qualifications and standards in becoming a leading distributor of branded generic medicine, medical supplies and empty gelatin capsules.
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